Former Wall Streeter launches Heartland Microbrewery


Former Wall Streeter launches Heartland Microbrewery

June 5, 1995

NEW YORK-Jon Bloostein, a former investment banker, has opened the Heartland Brewery, a spacious micro-brewery and restaurant in Manhattan’s Union Square area. The restaurant will feature hand-crafted beer and an American eclectic menu un­der the direction of executive chef Sam Hazen, formerly of The Terrace and Quatorze.
The brewmaster is Jim Migliorini, formerly of Commonwealth Brewing Co. in Boston. He has put together a variety of American ales for the Heartland’s beer menu. “Our beers will taste different from (those of) Germany and Britain because they will be made from indigenous ingredients like Wisconsin malt, hops from Washington and Oregon, and American yeast,” he said . “And all of of beers will be served at their freshest – within one to two weeks of brewing.”
Diners will be able to watch Migliorini through the glass-enclosed brewhouse – Manhattan’s largest on­premises brewing facility – as he mashes the grain and adds the hops. Hazen said he has designed a menu to please the palates of people who love beer. “I was thrilled to accept the challenge of designing a menu to complement beer, Hazen explained . “My menu attempts a fresh look at traditional brewpub fare.” Among the menu offerings are a pu pu platter, which includes pickled seafood salad, buttermilk batter chicken wings, , ginger pork, spring rolls, risotto balls and barbecue corn on the cob; Chicken lollypops; warm garlic sausage with new potato salad; grilled black Angus sirloin; and meat loaf.
The restaurant seats 250 people.
No matter whether you come to Heartland for one drink or the entire evening, “ Bloostein said, “I wanted a place where people felt really comfortable.”

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