Our Classic Beers

Cornhusker Lager

Cornhusker Lager

Crisp and smooth, our golden lager is crafted from Midwestern malts and flaked sweet corn. This is our most refreshing beer, with a mellow maltiness and a light, clean finish. 5.25% alc/vol.

Harvest Wheat

Harvest Wheat

A straw-colored traditional American wheat beer made with malted white wheat and 2-row barley, unfiltered, and served with a lemon wedge for a light citrus finish. 5% alc/vol.

Indian River Light

Indian River Light

With accents of fresh orange, this refreshing, light pale ale is clean and smooth. A subtle hint of coriander enhances the crisp finish. 3.5% alc/vol.

Indiana Pale Ale

Indiana Pale Ale

IPAs are popular for their zesty hop spice and elegant malt character. Ours does not disappoint! With a deep golden color, full malt flavor, and aggressive bittering hops, this unique ale is one to enjoy. 6% alc/vol.

Red Rooster

Red Rooster Ale

Caramel and Munich malts give our flavorful red ale a rich toffee and roasted nut character. We top off this beer with a healthy addition of American hops for a perfect balance. 5.5% alc/vol.

Farmer Jons

Farmer Jon’s Oatmeal Stout

This hearty, creamy stout has hints of espresso and an elegant dark chocolate sweetness. 6% alc/vol.

Our Seasonal Beers

Summertime Apricot Ale

Summertime Apricot Ale

A succulent summer wheat ale with a light, fruity sweetness and a pleasant bouquet of fresh apricots. 5% alc/vol.

Kelly's Irish Red

Kelly’s Irish Red

The brewer’s favorite, this rich, red ale is brewed with generous amounts of caramel malts and poured “Irish Style” for a creamy texture and finish. Very well balanced. 5.5% alc/vol.

barley wine glass

Full Moon Barleywine

Packed with English malt and American hops, this tawny barley wine is full and complex, with a rich toffee sweetness and a long, warming finish. Served in goblet only. 10% alc/vol.

Not Tonight Honey Porter

Not Tonight Honey Porter

This American porter is ebony with a subtle garnet hue. Rich chocolate malt is highlighted by notes of fresh clover honey and blackstrap molasses. Its strength imparts a dryness that complements the long, nutty finish. A very satisfying beer. 6.5% alc/vol.

Empire State

Empire State Premium

Pale golden with a crisp, dry finish, this traditional Czech lager will quench your thirst and invigorate your senses.
5.5% alc/vol.

Smiling Pumpkin

Smiling Pumpkin Ale

Our famous autumn colored beer is made with honey-roasted pumpkins and simmered with ginger, cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg. A sweet and spicy harvest treat that goes down smoothly. 5.5% alc/vol

Customer Favorites…



Sweet caramel malts and spicy complexities of German Noble hops are balanced into the bold yet clean finish of this fall classic. 5.5% alc/vol.

Old Red Nose

Old Red Nose Ale

This deep mahogany ale is rich with fragrant tones of orange and ginger, a hearty malt nose, and a full, roasted chestnut flavor. 5.5% alc/vol.

Orens Daily Porter

Oren’s Daily Porter

Made with highly kilned English and Belgian malt and hand-picked Sumatran micro-lot coffee. Oren’s Daily Porter is a complex, highly aromatic beer with a bright distinct java taste. 6.5% alc/vol.

Gluten Free Beer

Good Grain Ale

Beer History

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History of Beer

Beer is the oldest recorded recipe in the world. The ancient Egyptians first documented the brewing process on papyrus scrolls around 5,000 B.C.

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