A Hamburger Today

Back in November I was disappointed with the burger served at the Heartland Brewery in Union Square. It wasn’t that the burger was bad—it was a perfectly fine example of a pub burger. The problem was that it was not the “HB Burger” that I thought I was getting.

The HB Burger, served at the Heartland Brewery offshoot HB Burger in Midtown, was on my top 5 favorites listof last year. After my initial review of Heartland Brewery ran, Jon Bloostein of Heartland Brewery contacted me and told me that they would be putting the HB Burger that I loved so much on the menu at Heartland Brewery in Union Square. In fact, he reported that he spent “$5,000 to install a new griddle and reconfigure our fire suppression system” to deal with the smoke that putting a serious sear on the patties causes.