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The Response

Heartland Brewery’s Jon Bloostein responds directly to The Daily News and on our Bavarian Black Lager Logo

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Ever wonder how beer affects productivity?

A while back I came across research done by the University of Chicago. They found that drinking two beers helped accomplish creative tasks. Their reasoning was that it broke down barriers of critical thinking and helped them think outside the box to reach more solutions to the problem solving task they were given.

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Mike Rangel had just filed the application to serve liquor at his new brewpub when he discovered his wife was pregnant. The news changed his life—and his business model.

“Instead of become a full hipster bar, we decided to go family friendly and not bring in liquor,” Rangel says.

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History of Beer

Houston Hall Beer Steins

Beer is the oldest recorded recipe in the world. The ancient Egyptians first documented the brewing process on papyrus scrolls around 5,000 B.C.

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Beer and Food

Matching beer and food is not too different from pairing wine with food. The basic idea is to complement or contrast the flavors in the beverage to the flavors of the dish

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8 best beer towns in the USA

(CNN) — The history of beer in the United States is a rich one dating back to the colonies, when soldiers were paid in spruce beer and cider. From there beer weathered a Revolution, Prohibition and a right turn at Albuquerque before positively exploding with deregulation of the industry through the early 1980s.

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