Fashion News of the Day: Scientists Have Made a Dress Out of Beer

Finally, a dress we can all agree on.

A group of creative scientists in Australia have successfully created an article of clothing made from the bacterial fermentation of beer. The lower portion is shaped liked hops and the bodice is covered in beads to represent bubbles.

According to their website:

With the advanced evolution of microbial cellulose technology, this new and improved material is very delicate, pure white and inscribed with random biological etchings. The Beer Dress design is the essence of summer, as frothy layers of material tumble down in clouds of white looking cool and chic.

It was designed by Donna Franklin and Gary Cass from the University of Western Australia.

A few years ago, the same group unveiled the Micro’be’ Wine Dress which was created using a fermented bottle of wine. That dress, which looks a lot like someone who has been skinned alive, was formed using living microbes with no manual stitching. It also apparently emits a strange odor.

The dress basically created itself and is environmentally friendly.


The Beer Dress will be featured in the 2015 World Expo in Milan, and you can check out some more photos of it below.



And here’s a video that takes a closer look at the Wine Dress.