Foodie Corner: NYC Join me @ Heartland Brewery for Some Beer & A Veggie Burger?

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Whenever I mention Heartland Brewery, the first thing people say is ‘They’ve got a great selection of beer”. Indeed they do. Long before Beer Gardens suddenly became a thing in the  more hipster parts of NYC,  Heartland was the place to go for variety.


They also have amazing dishes too. I love their burgers and they go so well with any choice of beer from their list. Imagine my surprise when they asked me if I’d like to sample a Chef’s Veggie Burger at their extension restaurant HB Burger.

Now, I’m not a vegetarian but, I dine often with many who are and the longest topic of convo is always deciding where to go that will have delicious dish options for the meat lovers in our crew as well as the vegetarians and vegans.

I brought along a friend who has dabbled in vegetarianism from time to  time. As a meat lover, I wanted to give the veggie burger a fare chance with someone who’s palate was more in line with vegetarian cuisine just in case.

I ordered the burger, a side of sweet potato fries and an apricot brew which was absolutely divine.

The first thing I can say is that the burger was huge. It was a lot of food in general but, the burger was a nice juicy size as you can see in the photos, especially the one of me below about chow down.

I wasn’t to crazy about the bun. I think a sesame seed bun would be better or one that packed a little more punch.

The burger, however, WHOA! I did not expect it to be so flavorful. I’m Puerto rican. I like my food to have lots of flavor and this veggie burger did not disappoint. I almost forgot if was a veggie burger.

My friend felt the same. He said, ‘I’m not mad at this at all’. That’s his way of saying the burger was great.

I took a photo of the wall menu because it showed the ingredients that are in the burger that makes it so flavorful.

The Chef Veggie contains House made black beans, brown rice, quinoa, lentils, 7 kinds of veggies and garden herbs & spices topped with tomato chutney. Typing those ingredients made my mouth drool all over again.

Here’s my final thoughts:

Bun: Could be better

Burger: Delicious

Overall: A+ You gotta try it. You’ll love it.

You can try the Chef Veggie @ HB Burger, 127West 43rd Street, New York, NY, 10036 which is where I went or at any one of these three location in New York City:

Heartland Brewery & Chophouse | Times Square 

Heartland Brewery | Port Authority Bus Terminal

Heartland Brewery & Rotisserie | Empire State Building




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