New York Historic Beer Series Vol. 1

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Geo. Ringler German Lager
This traditional light golden lager carries a well-balanced, mild taste of biscuit and herbs topped with a light touch of hop bitterness and sparkling effervescence. ABV 5.2%

Did you know there were 30 breweries in NYC alone before Prohibition? To honor this legacy, we have created The New York Historic Beer Series. It is our personal tribute to the original NYC brewing pioneers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. To kick-off the series we’re bringing back George Ringler German Lager, the staple brew of George Ringler & Co. Brewers, founded in 1872.
Geo. Ringler eventually became the 3rd largest Brewery in NYC. Due to the massive influx of German immigrants, lager became the universal beer of the boroughs in the late 1800’s. So, in honor of our NYC craft beer forefathers, grab yourself a Geo. Ringler German Lager and Prost like the beer drinkers that came before us!