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Heartland’s Bavarian Black Lager beer and logo has been available in our restaurants for the past 15 years and we’ve heard no complaints to date until now. Our advertisements for the beer have been in numerous print media without a single complaint to date. Heartland has hundreds of African American employees who find the logo relevant to the beer and funny; again, no complaints.


People get the humor of the dominatrix scene and find it amusing, as it has been  intended to be. The logo includes a dominatrix and submissive or Master and Slave which is part of the S&M vernacular, and not racist. Both people in the S&M cartoon logo are white.  The image suggests our beer will win you over and that you will be a slave to the flavor.  The term “slave to the favor” clearly refers to the master / slave S&M scene.  Connecting the word  “black” in Bavarian Black Lager to black people is incredibly farfetched .  Alleging any connection to  racism  is ridiculous.



Jon Bloostein

Our Response to

Heartland Brewery has been a New York establishment since 1995. We have had several core beer brands since inception including Farmer Jon’s Oatmeal Stout, Smiling Pumpkin Ale, Old Red Nose Holiday Ale and the recently-debated Bavarian Black Lager.


First and foremost, the Bavarian Black Lager is internationally recognized style of beer, also known as a Schwarzbier. It is a dark German-style lager made with roasted malts and slight hop bitterness.


The Bavarian Black Lager is a delicious, easy-drinking dark lager that leaves you wanting more – hence “you’ll be a slave to the flavor.”  This inspired the dominatrix and slave artwork in the logo. The Bavarian Black Lager being the dominatrix and we, the willing drinker, a slave to it’s addicting flavor.


Your suggestion that we are being insensitive about recent political and social events, given that this brand has been around for over 15 years without complaint is ludicrous 


Given the picture on the glass of a dominatrix and a member of her clientele, it seems pretty clear Heartland’s intent wasn’t to refer to the African slave trade.


We’re glad you agree.


Jon Bloostein