New York Historic Beer Series – Vol. 2


Hell Gate Brewery Keller Lager

Well balanced dark golden lager with a clean malt taste, accompanied by brisk hoppiness and light eervescence. ABV 5.2%

Did you know there were 30 breweries in NYC alone before Prohibition? To honor this legacy, we have created The New York Historic Beer Series. It is our tribute to the original NYC brewing pioneers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. As our second offering of the series, we’re bringing back Hell Gate Brewery Kellerbier.

Kellerbier is an unltered and unpasteurized lager that dates back to the middle-ages. It is always with Naturtrüb (natural cloudiness and rich in vitamin from the yeast). Gerorge Ehret emigrated to New York in 1857 and quickly found employment in the thriving brewing industry. In 1866 George Ehret struck out on his own & founded Hell Gate Brewery on a site bounded by Second and Third avenues and 92nd and 93rd streets. Ehret’s plan was to create a lager like those of Munich and though hampered by the water available in New York he was able to produce a beer which closely resembled that style. Barrels of this beer first rolled out of the brewery in March of 1867 and was immediately accepted by the harshest of critics – New York’s beer drinkers. Ehret’s hard work paid off, by 1877 Hell Gate Brewery was the number one beer producer in the country. So, in honor of our NYC craft beer forefathers, grab yourself a Hell Gate Brewery Keller Beer and Prost like the beer drinkers that came before us!